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TS 16949:2009 and ISO 9001:2008

Delta Velocity Switches

Delta velocity switches are designed to activate emergency locating transmitters in aircrafts. Delta velocity switches from select Controls are FAA qualified to TSO-C91a requirements. Switch activation levels are at 2.0 G steady state to meet delta velocity curve of TSO-C91a while being subjected to 30 G cross axis load. With environmental seal, normally open contact options and operating temperatures from -65° upwards to 185°F, delta velocity switches from Select Controls Inc. are dependable and highly functional in military, commercial aviation and aerospace applications. Contact us to learn about all the switches we have available, like our expertly fabricated motion switches.

Emergency Locating Transmitters Switches and Emergency Locating Transmitters Sensors

Emergency locating transmitter sensors and emergency locating transmitter switches are used to activate emergency locating transmitters in the event of a remote crash. Emergency locating transmitters switches and sensors are critical to response, rescue and recovery of crashed aircraft and vehicles. These transmitter switches and sensors generate signals for emergency transmission. Configurations specific to your needs can be custom produced by Select Controls. By completing an info request form with your desired application requirements, we can develop high quality and custom control solutions like our acceleration mercury free sensors and other switches.