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Tilt Switches

Tilt switches from Select Controls are available in a varying activation levels, weights, tilt angels, contact ratings and sensitivities, such as unidirectional, tip-over and planar motions. Tilt switches are produced with a hermetic seal and operate thoroughly in temperatures ranging from -65° up to 250°F. Contact options range from normally open, normally closed, latching, non-latching, momentary, damped and undamped. These switches are used in a variety of military alarm systems, machinery shutdown, anti-disturbance and military fuses, as well as commercial anti-tamper and alarm systems. Complete an info request form and Select Controls will proudly offer the right product for your desired application.

Subminiature Tilt Switches and Mercury Free Tilt Switches

Subminiature tilt switches and mercury free tilt switches are also specially developed by Select Controls. Subminiature title switches are lightweight and ideal for compact applications. Mercury free tilt switches are suitable for automotive, medical and other instillations where mercury contents cannot be used. Activation angles, contact ratings and dampening requirements are all available to select for your specific application. Whatever your functionally requirements, we can develop a custom switch product for your needs. If you require reliable custom controls such as planar motion disturbance switches, shock detectors, and tilt switches, contact Select Controls. Our expertise has been providing quick turnarounds and reliable products for decades.