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  • Delta Velocity Switches
    Delta velocity switches are used with emergency locating transmitter switches and emergency locating transmitter sensors in the event of aircraft emergencies.
  • Acceleration Sensors
    Acceleration sensors such as acceleration mercury free sensors and acceleration liner sensors are used to determine levels of acceleration in many applications.
  • Motion Sensors
    Motion detection devices such as motion switches and motion sensors are produced by Select Controls to monitor and detect motion.
  • Impact Switches
    Impact switches, impact sensors, and mercury free impact switches detect sudden vibrations or collisions in various military and industrial applications.
  • Tilt Switches
    Tilt switches are available as subminiature tilt switches and mercury free tilt switches for many military, commercial and medical applications.
  • Disturbance Switches
    Disturbance switches such as security system disturbance switches and planar motion disturbance switches are used for alarm and anti-tampering systems.
  • Shock Switches
    Shock switches, shock detectors and shock alarms are essential for preventing explosion or other shock caused hazards.
  • Inertia Switches
    Inertia switches, inertia sensors and inertia shock detectors are fabricated for optimum operations employed by the military, aerospace and other industries.
  • Aircraft Formation Lights
    Aircraft formation lights, helicopter formation lights and other aircraft lights are produced by Select Controls for navigation, approach and landing systems.
  • Acceleration Switches
    Acceleration switches, automotive acceleration switches and munitions acceleration switches are all produced by Select Controls.