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Aircraft Formation Lights

Aircraft formation lights are just one example of the excellent products Select Controls has been supplying for military, commercial aviation and aerospace applications. Aircraft formation lights are designed to be directly mounted onto the proper panel of an aircraft's exterior. Since these lights are vital to navigation, as well as approach and landing systems, we expertly fabricate and design the from only high quality materials. Aircraft formation lights are fully operational at a wide range of temperatures and provide reliable uniform luminescence in the most extreme environments. Please contact us and we will proudly offer the aircraft lighting product suitable for your specific needs.

Helicopter Formation Lights and Aircraft Lights

Helicopter formation lights and aircraft lights are fixed to the exterior of the craft for optimal operation in the most extreme airborne conditions. When servicing military, aerospace and commercial aviation need of helicopter formation lights and aircraft lights, Select Control uses only top-quality, reliable materials. These lights are designed to function in the most extreme conditions and ensure reliable illumination for navigation, approach and landing operations. To request information on our formation light products, automotive acceleration switches and emergency locating transmitters sensors, complete an info request form.