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Acceleration Sensors

Acceleration sensors are used by aerospace, commercial and military systems to determine the level of achieved acceleration. By using acceleration sensors, proper actions can be deployed in specification situations such as the use air-bags, artillery cut off, safety system activation and impact and collision detection. Acceleration sensors from Select Controls are made from high quality materials and are offered in a variety of application specifications, such as normally open, momentary contact and automatic restart options. Contact us or complete an information request form and let us know your contact rating, operating G level and size requirements.

Acceleration Mercury Free Sensors and Acceleration Linear Sensors

Acceleration linear sensors and acceleration mercury free sensors are used in many different acceleration sensor settings. Modified for precise functionality, these sensors are used in medical and automotive industries as well as military and aerospace launching applications. Contact options and ratings vary as well as activation levels. Operating temperatures range from -65° to 250°F. Mercury free options are especially favorable in automotive air bag settings, while linear sensors are often used to determine acceleration and pressure in a variety of applications. Expertly produced motion sensors and impact sensors are also available from the expert fabricators at Select Controls.